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Annual sampling and measuring programme of the RAMDAN laboratories 2007

SAMPLESamplingAnnual number of measurements
sitetimegross beta40K3H90Srgamma
dose rate
Dose rate (3)ME+LOMonday 09:00-----52
GrassHayCC1st, 4th quarter2(a)2(a,b)--2(a)-
Raw grassCC2nd, 3rd quarter2(a)2(a,b)--2(a)-
Surface waterLakeCCquarterly4(a)4(a,b)--2(a,d)-
CerealsMaizeME+LO1st quarter11(b)--1-
RiceME+LO2nd quarter11(b)--1-
WheatME+LO3rd quarter11(b)--1-
BarleyME+LO4th quarter11(b)--1-
VegetablesPotatoME+LO1st quarter11(b)--1-
OnionME+LO1st quarter11(b)--1-
LettuceME+LO2nd quarter11(b)--1-
CucumberME+LO2nd quarter11(b)--1-
Green pepperME+LO3rd quarter11(b)--1-
TomatoME+LO3rd quarter11(b)--1-
CabbageME+LO4th quarter11(b)--1-
CarrotME+LO4th quarter11(b)--1-
FruitsPearME+LO1st quarter11(b)--1-
StrawberryME+LO2nd quarter11(b)--1-
(Sour) cherryME+LO2nd quarter11(b)--1-
PeachME+LO3rd quarter11(b)--1-
GrapesME+LO3rd quarter11(b)--1-
AppleME+LO4th quarter11(b)--1-
Milk productsCheeseME+LOI-IV-VII-X. hó44(b)--2(d)-
Cottage cheeseME+LO2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th month44(b)--2(d)-
Milk powderME+LO3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th month44(b)--2(d)-
MeatBeefME+LO1st, 4th, 7th, 10th month44(b)--2(d)-
PorkME+LO2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th month44(b)--2(d)-
ChickenME+LO3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th month44(b)--2(d)-
Mineral waterME+LOquarterly44(b)----
Drinking waterCCquarterly4(a)4(a,b)--1(a,e)-
Drinking waterCC3rd, 9th month--2(a,OSSKI)2(a)--
Mixed dietME3rd, 9th month---22-

List of symbols

ME = Medium level laboratory
LO = Low level laboratory
CC = Counties of competence
(a) = multiplied by the number of counties of competence (number of sampling locations)
(b) = according to the guide issued in 2005
(c) = on the ash of samples accumulated quarterly
(d) = on the ash of samples accumulated over half a year
(e) = on the ash of samples accumulated yearly
(1) = for laboratories equipped with an air sampler of medium air volume flow (Hunter):
(2) = for laboratories equipped with an installed or portable air sampler of small air volume flow:
(3) = dose rate measurements at one location for each laboratory equipped with a Berthold UMO dose rate meter:

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